Hello fellow blogger’s, I am going to talk about minecraft today. Minecraft is a sandbox game Created by Notch Pearson. It is incredibly fun and I recommend it to anyone who loves mining,gardening, fishing,killing,eating,crafting and building. There is so many mods countless even a hole convention.

I give it a 10/10

Lets go backwards compatible

Today I will review some great and horrible game cube games. for all of you that don’t know what a game cube is it is a 6th generation console that in its time competed with the famous Ps2 and the original Xbox. 

Pokemon Colosseum (2004)

Pokemon Colosseum was the first Game cube Game I ever played on my Wii (which is possible if didn’t already know.) Colosseum is a RPG game. you play as Wes (or whatever you name him.) you are a former member of the evil group team snagem who are turning innocent Pokemon into shadow Pokemon, a much more violent and powerful form of Pokemon.  it was first released in 2004. this is my most favourite Game cube game by far they mastered the controls rendering it the the most simple but effective controls. the only thing dislike is its extremely annoying enemies that just literally fall from the ceiling of a building I had a fun time completing this game and I still am having a great time doing all the little side missions.   


Godzilla destroy all monsters melee (2002)

 Ok I think this list is in order of my favourite to the more clunker bad games. GDAMM was a alright game cube game it’s a bit unrespondsive  though. Most people think this game has amazing graphicsbut is actually looks quite bad the xbox version is way more superior with better graphics and and a extra monster this game scores quite low.



Brief movie reviews no.2

sucker punch (2010)

This movie is probably the most trippy piece of cinema I have everseen!

first of all what time is it set old style houses and rules but modern music? This movie fails as a teenage boy,chick flick and sci fi.



OK lets forget sucker Punch’s mistake and go on with Paul. Paul is a well done master piece of comedy the only thing stoping it from full rating’s is its lack of length if it went 10-30 minutes later I would give it 10/10


My brief movie reveiws

Aliens vs predator (2004)
AVP was a stunning movie.
Combining action with horror although the horror wasn’t scary for me and a pretty good plot.  In my opinion this movie was made almost  perfectly. 8.5/10

Aliens vs predator Requiem (2007)

AVPR was a bit behind in plot but way ahead in action. I really hated that it foucused  too much on the humans.

it probably doesn’t deserve this but rating but the amazing fight scenes sealed the deal. 8.7/10

Predators (2010)

this movie was pretty average in terms of action and plot but watching some scenes with a bad- ass predators setting traps for helpless humans a classic my final verdict is. (7.5/10)

About Me

About me
Hello my name is Tom I have 1 sister, 1 step sister and 1 step brother my hobbies include collecting Japanese figurines such as Godzilla and making stop motion with them and I like spending long periods of time playing video gaming. My favourite foods are chocolate, chicken and potatos. My pets are
• Fish: 2*Siamese fighting fish 1*Peppered catfish 1*zebra danio 1*goldfish.
• Cat: 1* cat named Jasper he is 17.
• Frog: 1*frog his name is Froggy.

The music I like is Rock, Heavy metal and Techno and I HATE POP.

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